Fundraising of any kind can be a daunting task.  Especially with so many ups and downs with how to do it, when to do it and what to do!


Kevin Adams has over 25 years working with non-profit organizations and associations to raise funds they needed for a variety of projects, with goals ranging from $2 million to $2 thousand dollars.

He has helped raise money for membership drives, building programs, recreation equipment, scholarships, playground equipment, trips, humanitarian efforts, sports equipment, cancer foundations, camps, medical needs, community events, school events, corporate events and much more.  If you name it, he has probably been involved with raising money for it.

In the early years when Kevin worked for a non-profit, he organized groups to go out and “sell stuff” as part of a fund raising campaign.  It was in those years of selling popcorn, pies, candy bars, coffee, pizzas, t-shirts and even organizing auctions, walk-a-thons and bowl-a-thons to raise money, he realized a great need for something better, more productive and something that would enrich those that donated.

That’s when he created a better way to raise money, enrich those around us, and bring greater value to those that donate.


He unofficially calls the program, Peak Fundraising.


What is Peak Fundraising?

In the simplest terms, it is an enrichment speaking event that generates income for your organization.




Here’s how it works.


1. Work with Kevin to select a date, topic and location for your event

2. Promote the event and ticket sales

  • You will be provided with tools, flyers, etc. that your staff can use to promote

3. Earn money through a percentage of ticket sales

  • And if products are sold at the event, you will receive a portion from that as well




That’s it!  We do the rest.


1. We will plan all logistical needs at the venue that you choose.

2. We provide all marketing materials and write ups for you to use.

3. We provide the professional presentation and anything associated with it.

4. We provide support and follow up during the event promotion.

5. We will promote the event with all resources we may have in your area.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn through this program!

And The best part of Peak Fundraising is, you don’t have to sell something to someone they don’t need or want!

Kevin has a proven track record of helping organizations and associations meet their goals and he is ready to help you meet yours.  Fill  out the form below and someone will contact you  soon.


Topics Include:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Connecting, Not Just Communicating
  • Leadership Empowerment
  • Leading On Purpose
  • Stop Surviving and Start Thriving
  • Peak Performance Workshop
  • Train Your Mind To Gain The Mental Edge
  • Thriving At The Highest Level
  • You Got This
  • Peak Performance Series “Reach Your Peak and Change Your Valley” (A Quarterly Event)
  • Stop Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Your Mental Edge
  • Mental Edge Breakthrough Series “How To Keep Your Head On While Working Your Butt Off” (A Quarterly Event)
  • As well as custom topics.

Click on the sample flyer and the revenue information sheet link below for more details.

Kevin is brilliant! He helped us with our project with a very short notice and he superseded ALL of our expectations!! He is a joy to work.
Brenda Reynolds, Ferris Alumni Association
I want to personally recommend Kevin Adams. He knows his stuff, and worked diligently with our staff to accomplish our lofty goals. He is on speed dial!
Thom Brunstien, HRMA
If I knew what Kevin knows and did what Kevin does, I would charge people to even talk to me! My staff and I are all volunteers and Kevin helped us organize our event, promote our event and even went the extra mile to spend precious time with our people before and after the event. We were more than pleased with his service and the outcome. If you get a chance, let Kevin do what he does!
Jennifer Long, H.E.R.O.S. of Conflict
Wow! We had a great turn out and Kevin Adams, rocked it! Our people are still talking about our event and are ready to do it again! Thanks Kevin, you truly are a gift.
Randal Pierce, NKF
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