Kevin’s viewpoint is this, “Success rises and falls on our ability to take intentional action. So, if the first thing we want is success, the last thing we need is excuses. It’s time we stop trying to communicate and we start learning to connect in every way, because that’s the intentional difference”.


Kevin Adams has been captivating audiences and opening their minds for more than 22 years, both in the United States and overseas. His presence, passion and professionalism as a leadership and personal success expert, has elevated him to be known as the “Action Guru” and to be rated the “number ONE speaker” in his area of expertise by three National Training Companies specializing in corporate education.

In addition to Keynotes, Kevin is an electrifying entertainer who uses his unique gift of capturing audiences through Mentalism performances. His shows, such as The Influenced Mind and Opening Your Mind, leaves everyone in amazement and talking long after the event. He has been a magician/mentalist since the age of 12 and his stage presence shows he knows what he is doing to impact any audience.

Kevin’s unique style has often been called upon to bring both his Keynotes and Mentalism performances together, making a lasting impact that takes things to a whole other level.

Kevin’s speaking skills were perfected on the platforms of high school auditoriums across America from 1988 to 1993 as he presented the captivating program, R.E.A.L. Success.  He became a sought after high school assembly speaker which took him around the United States pioneering new and exciting ways to help kids pursue their hearts for real success.

In 1992 Kevin began to focus on improving leadership and teamwork in churches, corporations and associations throughout the United States. As a business development and small business coach, his leadership style and enthusiastic way of communicating, propelled him into the speaking industry where today he captivates, motivates and inspires individuals and organizations to take action to reach maximum success through his keynotes and mentalist performances.  His most requested topics; You Got This, Success is Not for Whiners, and Live2Win are just a few examples of his incredible track record of getting measurable results for organizations and individuals by getting audiences to live out the “WOW” they feel when he is with them!

He also saw a great need for a Corporate Training Company that was truly interested in connecting and making positive and lasting change.  Out of this passion to help people, he created Skill Connections, a corporate training company that focuses on connecting the skills people need for success in life and career.  To find out more, Click Here

Kevin’s strong passion to see you ‘reach beyond your potential’ in life and career is propelled by his personal experiences in business, non-profit organizations, on the field playing and coaching football for years and in the boxing ring where he dominated his division in golden gloves and professional boxing.

He has founded two non-profit organizations. One will feed approximately 15,000 people this year alone. The other is designed to help students in high schools uncover their leadership potential and pursue their dreams with passion.

In every area, Kevin has a mystical ability to create enthusiasm, contagious energy, for results that will last well beyond his program. Kevin’s Keynotes and Mentalism performances are energizing, electric and encouraging.